About Us

Resurfacing Tubs, Counters, Fireplaces, and a Whole Lot More! We Help You Make the Ordinary-- EXTRAORDINARY!

Elite Resurfacing will improve nearly any unit that has been previously occupied. Prior tenants can damage property surfaces from abuse, neglect, or just from simple use over time. To remain competitive and desirable, regular property maintenance and renovation is required. Our experience and knowledge can keep your property a great place that tenants can be proud to live in. Our cost-effective and convenient solutions can improve the customer value chain and increase overall renter satisfaction, helping to meet the business goals of all commercial properties. Our services can also extend the functional life of current fixtures, in turn helping to offset initial costs in the long term.

Our five-year warranty on Elite surfaces helps express our commitment to the longevity, quality, and craftsmanship of our work. Simply, we offer one of the best services to resurface and renovate apartments in the areas we operate. Backed by years of experience and knowledge, the Elite solution has high-value applications for all commercial property maintenance and management situations. We look forward to having the opportunity to be your solution based multifamily housing partner.

H.V.L.P. Resurfacing and the ELITE Advantage

We exclusively use high volume/low-pressure spray (H.V.L.P.) guns to lay down our quality product. The end result is more paint reaching the intended surface with less overspray, reduced material waste, and minimized particulate air pollution.

Augmented by careful taping, masking, and ventilation, our finely tuned system keeps the rest of the apartment clean and allows us to finish our work quickly.